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"The entire town essentially was shuttered, locked up. Schools were locked down. Banks were closing," said Flood. Police took the three into custody later that day in O Nebraska.

What happened on the morning of September 26, 2002, is considered the deadliest bank robbery in Nebraska history. history.

Norfolk Police Chief Mizner said, "In less than a minute. They walked in, killed them and Nike Air Presto Tan

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The names Jose Sandoval, Jorge Galindo, Erick Vela and Gabriel Rodriguez didn mean much to most living in Norfolk, Nebraska, until they chose to do the unthinkable.

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Seconds later, Sandoval shot Samuel Sun, a teller, customer Evonne Tuttle and Jo Mausbach who was working the drive thru window.

Jorge Galindo didn fire. Instead, Anderson said he ran upstairs and left with the other two suspects in her car.

Bill Mizner said, "Three were dropped off, the plan was the fourth was going to come back and pick them up, but he didn show up."

The body of 19 year old Travis Lundell, Sandoval roommate, was found in 2003. Lundell friend Robert Pearson Junior body wasn recovered until four years later in 2007.

The three suspects fled to a nearby home. At gunpoint, they stole a car from Jere Anderson, who been asleep in the basement.

At the same time Galindo fired three shots Nike Air Presto Black Pack Buy

walked out."

"He told me to get out of bed and get the keys. I did and he said, go sit on the bed. But then said go lay on the floor, and he cocked his Air Presto Ultra Flyknit Wolf Grey gun," said Anderson.

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The bullets aimed Nike Air Presto Flyknit Grey

Within 50 seconds, five people were shot and killed and countless lives changed forever.

´╗┐the Norfolk community is still

Bank shootings in Norfolk, Nebraska, the community is taking time to reflect on the lives lost and making sure they not forgotten.

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That night, Gabriel Rodriguez, the would be getaway driver, was arrested in Norfolk.

Joe Smith said, "Catching them wasn just important from a prosecution standpoint. It was to stop the killings."

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"We could see gunsmoke coming out of what was once the front doors. The doors had been shattered. And the police hadn set up a perimeter yet. It was nine minutes after the call was made," said Flood.

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Mike Flood, of radio station US92 was the first reporter on the scene.

killing Lola Elwood in her office. Vela fired two shots killing Lisa Bryant in hers.

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at her, struck the Burger King across the street.

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"By the time they walked out of the bank they already killed collectively seven people," he said.

In the ten years that have passed, it often been called a botched bank robbery, since no money was ever taken. But many in Norfolk feel it was nothing more than pre meditated murder.

"These guys are murderers," said Madison County Attorney Joe Smith. Bank branch at the corner of 13th and Pasewalk.

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Customer Micki Keopke saw what was happening when she entered the bank and was wounded by flying glass as she fled.

As Madison County Attorney, Smith would learn in the months to come that these same four men had been involved with the murders of two others before the bank shooting.

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