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Air Presto Gpx

Air Presto Gpx

Seated the PSU, Power, SATA and all header cables for USB, Sound and FP stuff:

For those that saw and contributed to my thread pre build over the past 2 days, here's the finished article. Below are various pics during assembly, and some notes and whatnot. The full spec is in the thread above, and if you want some high res pics of the smaller samples below, I have zipped them all here (approx. 50MB).

HDD caddy secured into the case:

Ty. It was built to a tight budget with clear focus on GPU performance above all else. Maybe Intel next time, but I held onto my last PC for 7 years (It has a C2Q in it). I'm going to benchmark the CPU/GPU fully loaded and work on overclocking that FX chip someway. I've seen guides that generally say it needs to be at 4.5Ghz+ to keep within distance of the i7's on threaded workloads. That's what I'm aiming for. Then I also need to consider the CPU's Hyper Transport link to the PCI E lanes, as they may be starved of bandwidth ad it's default 5.2GB/Sec speed. Tweaking that is a little trickier though, but at least on this board that chip has a giant heat sink on it.

vargis14 wrote:I love the loyalty to AMD. I truly hope your nice pile driver build is not too much CPU limited running Tri Fire. That is the one thing I am worried about for you.

Captain Ned wrote:Where's your frame time plots? It'd be nice to see if 3 cards can keep consistent per frame times.

Congratulations on your new build. Do post some numbers from popular games, I'm curious to see what performance you're getting.

Air Presto Gpx

Air Presto Gpx

that has 2 120mm side panel fans and it dropped my top card temps by 15c and I have a extra slot between my 2 cards. Just food for thought since those 3 cards are going to throw out a ton of heat. Maybe more if you have 1 male and 2 female cards to propagate the species. Put your male card in the middle for best results.

Edit: Gaming performance results in post 15.

The 3 HDD's, the SSD and the cooling fan attached to the caddy:

Speaking from my own experience with multiple AMD GPUs, I would suggest trying to undervolt them, if they have multiple BIOSes (most of them do). Another, simpler, solution would be to use MSI Afterburner. Undervolting can often make a very big difference in heat and temperature. My Air Presto Gpx cards would run stable at 1.137 then 1.087 and finally 1.081 V. Many people have had similar results.

Air Presto Gpx

Air Presto Gpx

removing the entire heat sink and fan off the card first. Sigh.

Carefully align the 4 larger screw holes above with the board holes and re seat the HSF.

Note: If your GPU temps are high " not much room between them" and your side panel fan is set to intake after testing, retest with the side panel fan set to exhaust. I had to do that with my classified cards in a HAF 922 case Nike Air Presto Essential Cargo

Flying Fox wrote:Looks good! You mentioned all that work done to cards 2 and 3. Any closeup on that for others as a reference?

Air Presto Gpx

liquid_mage wrote:I think your last benchmark answers my question. But what display setup are you using? 3 x 1920x1080?

Would love to include those, but I don't know how to do the frame latency stuff TR include in the articles. Anyone able to help?

I love the loyalty to AMD. I truly hope your nice pile driver build is not too much CPU limited running Tri Fire. That is the one thing I am worried about for you.

vargis14 wrote:On the other hand maybe they will have a kid or 2. Maybe more if you have 1 male and 2 female cards to propagate the species. Put your male card in the middle for best results.

Spin the card over onto the topside and you'll see 4 large screws flanking where the GPU socket is thru the 2 fans (yeah, I know who designs these things?). Undo those, flip the board over. Unscrew the back 6 on that black plate that says R9 280X on it. Air Presto Flyknit Box

It was a PITA to assemble, especially the fiddly cooler fitment I couldn't get a screwdriver easily to. The graphics cards also had a huge metal back plate attached to nothing on the card itself, but mean's you couldn't fit them next to each other. I had to remove the plate off cards 2 and 3, and the 7 screws for them were only accessible by Navy Nike Air Presto

´╗┐The Piledriver Beast

Closer up I gave up keeping the cables neat in the end:

So, yeah Here's some build pics. The empty case and all panels removed:

Sure, I'll take some . In essence it's easy enough with small tools, look at the 9th pic in my OP You can see a black metal plate down the entire backside of the 1st Radeon. The other cards had this too, and it was in the way (it adds an additional 10 12mm off the board) with Crossfire.

Flip it over again, and gently wiggle the HSF comes off, revealing one last screw near the video RAM's that you remove. The black plate then falls off.

Air Presto Gpx

From the motion on screen as I perceive it, 2 cards seemed less "stuttery" than 3, but only in the Synthetics. I'm going to look further tomorrow, but suspect CPU overhead, or a bottleneck on something this has called a HT Link may be the culprit. As I understand it, the HT Link is some bandwidth interconnect between the CPU and PCI E Bus. I assume the faster that goes the better? GRID is a dream to play with enough performance overhead though to use AMD's fancy 16x AA engine. It looks awesome.

Air Presto Gpx

Air Presto Gpx

Might try that. Under load, the 1st card hit 88C, middle one 87C, bottom 92C. I knew they would run, um, warm. None throttled clocks back though, so how high did AMD set the dam thing before it kicks in???

Air Presto Gpx

Air Presto Gpx

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