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I have neighbors that leave their dog unattended most of the day, and she barks frequently. Because I Nike Air Presto Blue And Gold work at home, this noise pollution is a huge annoyance. As a dog owner myself, I've tried to be understanding and attempted to talk with the neighbors about it, but their response suggests that this is really MY problem. What does the city recommend that residents do in these situations: Call 911? Live with it? Move?! Thanks for your response!

A dog lover and dog owner, Hentges doesn't appear to have a lot of patience for irresponsible pet owners.

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In other words, if you blow through a Wal Mart parking lot stop sign, you're not going to get a traffic ticket. But if you blow through the stop sign and smack into another vehicle, your culpability is increased during a civil lawsuit by your decision to ignore the stop sign.

Q: You had a question recently about enforcement of handicapped parking at Mankato stores. What about enforcement of the "no parking" zones at the front of the big retailers in town? People park there for long periods of time, loading their purchases, sometimes even running into the store to shop.

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"That's the responsibility of the dog owner . keep the damn dog quiet."

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During the day, a call to 311 (the city's information/help line) will result in the city's animal control officer responding if available. Otherwise, and during evening and early morning problems, a call to 911 will prompt a squad car to be dispatched to document that the animal is being disruptive. And people shouldn't worry about diverting a cop from more important work, according Air Presto Green

"We don't have jurisdiction in a private parking lot," he said. "But it is a liability issue."

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But all this is prompting Ask Us Guy to throw in Nike Presto 2018 Price

"That's my obligation to keep my dog quiet and my dog's crap picked up," he said.

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threats to public safety.

a bonus question, because he's always wondered if those little miniature stop signs and speed limit signs in parking lots at retail developments and malls are legally enforceable.

"If it's kind of a regular documented kind of incident, call 911," he said.

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to Hentges. Officers won't be diverted from assaults, robberies or other more imminent Nike Presto Junior

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That doesn't necessarily mean a person should call the police the very first time a dog is yapping. But in a case like the one referenced above, when it happens repeatedly, it's a violation of city code.

A: Actually, calling 911 is the appropriate response, said Mankato City Manager Pat Hentges, if noise from a neighbor or a neighbor's dog is affecting a person's job performance.

´╗┐The poop on dogs that bark

A: "It's the store's responsibility," Hentges said of enforcement of the fire lanes in front of buildings.

The only exception is if there was a fire or medical emergency and a fire truck or ambulance was blocked by an unattended car in the fire lane. In that case, the driver could be issued a citation. Otherwise, police officers won't be issuing tickets because they have little jurisdiction on private parking lots. And an officer can use driving behavior in private parking lots as probable cause to pull someone over, say for suspicion of drunken driving.

Dogs aren't known for being deep thinkers, so they shouldn't be expected to come to the revelation independently that their barking isn't music to the ears of others within earshot, Hentges said.

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