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Johannesburg A wounded boerboel lay down on top of his murdered master after the young man was shot dead on Monday night on a farm near Komatipoort. Armed robbers killed Jan Daniel Venter, 21, on the farm Blikkor near Komatipoort where he lived with his father Jan, 50.

"It looked like he was trying to protect his master," said Beeld's source.

A leaked research report commissioned by the government shows that 36 percent of the population are no longer committed to the country and 29 percent are considering emigration, the weekly Mail Guardian newspaper reported.

Jan Daniel's mother, Superintendent Elarda Venter, is the commanding officer of the Modjadjiskloof (Duiwelskloof) police station in Limpopo. She had been on the farm on Sunday to fetch her other son, Elardus, 17, who had visited his father and brother during the school holidays.

person who was on the scene shortly after the attack, Jan Daniel's boerboel started barking like crazy and the next moment, the three robbers barged in.

Yet his birthday comes at a time of crisis in the country under the rule of his successor, Thabo Mbeki, widely attacked for failures in fighting HIV and Aids, poverty, a major power crisis, violent crime and the disaster in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

When police arrived at the house, the boerboel who had also been shot by the robbers was lying on top of Jan Daniel's body.

His father, Jan, was tied up by the robbers. They stole several household items, as well as a .38 revolver and fled with his Nissan bakkie. He managed to wriggle free and ran about 2km to the house of a farm foreman to get help.

His smile and sense of humour have made him a treasured international icon. He is rare among African leaders in agreeing to give up power quickly, after only one term subesequent to the end of apartheid.

Mandela, imprisoned for 27 years but forgiving of his former captors, is hailed as a shining example of the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

´╗┐The New South Africa

He added: "Mandela united the country.

He transcends races and opinions in South Africa itself, acclaimed by all sides of society including the whites whose rule he fought to overthrow.

Many South Africans, especially the more educated, are leaving for other countries and others are talking about it.

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Jan Daniel, who was studying law part time, was shot several times during the robbery, which took place while he was watching 7de Laan with his father in the living room. He apparently rushed at the robbers with a chair in his hands.

"We want money, we want money," they apparently shouted in broken English.

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Describing how Mbeki was hailed when he became president, Financial Mail editor Barney Mthombothi wrote this week: "Needless to say, their prince has turned out to be a frog."

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"The first time I heard a claim from a journalist that Mandela's dream had been dashed was the beginning of 1995. It is part of a knee jerk reaction to this kind of situation," said Professor Steven Friedman of Rhodes University.

Five 9mm cartridges were found on the scene. The stolen bakkie is still missing.

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Africa suffers some of the worst violent crime outside a Nike Presto White 2017 war zone, especially in the Gauteng region around Johannesburg. The country has the world's highest HIV caseload.

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Khumalo said the murderers were suspected to be from Mozambique. "They spoke a perfect Mozambican Shangaan dialect."

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Jan Daniel was shot in the chest when he wanted to protect his father. He collapsed in the living room and died shortly afterwards, said Constable Richard Khumalo, spokesperson of the Komatipoort police.

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But there is no doubt the euphoria of Mandela's rule has evaporated.

Mbeki is accused by trade unions and the leftwingers in his own ruling African National Congress (ANC) of business friendly policies that have delayed bringing the fruits of black rule to the legions of poor. Unemployment stands at around 23 percent.

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Nelson Mandela celebrates his 90th birthday on Friday as a widely revered statesman, but South Africa faces a host of problems that challenge the dream he embodies of a harmonious rainbow nation.

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