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Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

and everything they learn along the way, not just competition. That's an easy oneand ironically also one I struggle with most. I do love the process, always have, sometimes even more than the competition. I'm not one bit motivated by beating other people. I'm motivated by performing my absolute best (or maybe more honestly, not performing my Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey worst). I can do that with or without a finish line. But ultimately you can't have a process without a goal and for me, right now, the most motivating (and ultimately satisfying) goals involve pinning on a number and lining up.

Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

Getting out to ride and train and build base and fitness has been, let's say, challenging. Through the help of fat tires (plain old mountain bikes, not fat bikes), creativity, friends, e motion rollers, my coach (who happens to be offering his advice from the relatively balmy rolling Italian hillsides, but I'll forgive him for now), and a really, really good layering system, I actually feel remarkably good about the riding and training I've put in leading up to my first race less than two weeks away.

Don't even get me started on race day morning. I have written an embarrassing array of blog posts about my race morning misery when I really can't begin to fathom why.

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Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

´╗┐The Perennial Question

take me.

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As anyone in the Midwest, Mid Atlantic, Northeast, and I'm sure as I can't see over the ever growing piles of snow and ice out my window numerous other parts of the nation will attest, it's been a winter's kind of winter. The kind of winter that makes you want to find a nice warm cave and not emerge until the ground is bare and the flowers bloom.

Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

Then there are the times when I don't eat the chips, though I would really like to eat the chips, even though I don't love chips, but I sure would like to eat those chips anyway, but ultimately don't eat the chips, I also think, "Why?"

But I'll confess, there are days when as I'm zipping my Radiation jacket, fastening my thermal booties, and cinching my lobsters, Nike Air Presto Greedy For Sale

Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

Something gotta keep you rolling when the going gets tough.

Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Cool Grey

So I read with interest an article posted on The Atlantic last week titled How Olympians Stay Motivated. Of course, I'm no Olympian. And in the end, motivation isn't as much my problem as the persistent internal questioning of my motivation, which I suppose is its own motivation issue. But still, I figured I could likely glean something useful from reading how Dorothy Hamill kept her figure skating fires stoked while enduring four hours a day of mind numbing "compulsory figures" practice essentially hours and hours of trying to form perfect circles on ice. She must've had a pretty darn good answer to the perennial question, why?

Self satisfaction. One of the skaters emphasized the need to do it for herself not for her coaches or fans or the USA just her. That's a biggie. When I start thinking about letting people down if I perform poorly, everything feels harder. When I remind myself that this is for me, it's easier to push myself and make healthful decisions. I like how I feel when I'm strong and fit. Ultimately, I'm in control of the decisions that get me there. Life is full of things we do (even if joyfully) for others. Doing stuff for yourself should be a reward.

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Commitment is rewarding. Hamill talked about skating in terms of a marriage. She had a commitment to it. She had lots of people in her corner helping her with it. She had invested years (decades) to it. "You don't walk away from it," she told The Atlantic. I really related to that. I'm committed to cycling. We have a long term relationshipmaybe the longest in my life. It rewards me greatly for my commitment and faithfulness to it. Every aspect of my life is richer for it. In general, I get out of it what I put into it. So I'm willing to invest, even when it hurts.

readying my mind for three hours with 60 minutes of "moderate intensity endurance" intervals that I think, "Why?" There are plenty of times when I'm feeling that familiar organs going through the wringer sensation of pushing through the middling sections of a long, hard climb, willing myself to keep pushing, that I think "What the hell am I doing?" "Why?"

Love the process. Pretty much across the board, successful athletes love the process. They enjoy practice Nike Air Presto Neutral Grey/Cyber

Enjoying the moment. I've written entire blogs on staying present and trying to embrace each moment for what it brings. It really does help me prevent getting discouraged, even when things aren't going as well as I'd like. Just yesterday as I was pushing up the final climbs of a hard day at the end of what had been a very hard block, I felt the familiar burn of fatigue start billowing up from my calves into my quads upwards until pretty much every working muscle was dully aflame. "This is how it feels to get faster," I thought. It actually made me smile, fully embracing the sensation and imaging all the places it might Nike Air Presto Mens Running Shoes

She (and a few others in the article) most certainly did. I won't reiterate the whole thing here, of course. But here are a few thoughts on staying motivated and maybe more importantly understanding one's motivation that resonated with me.

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