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The mobile web is just a disaster all around. I remember when I got my iPhone in the browsing experience was amazing. Most sites were still relatively simple, and whatever highly non standard tricks Safari played to do things like text reflow worked great on that small 3.5" screen. Half a decade later, I profusely disappointed with Chrome browsing experience on my Nexus 5 massive 5" screen. Even on HN, I can read the titles on the main page without scrolling sideways at any zoom factor where I can still make out the text. Reddit is better than most, but it still renders the "233 Comments" link text in miniscule text that impossible to hit without zooming in. Advanced web technologies and CSS layout has turned the mobile web into a sea of too small text, too wide columns, pop overs that are too easy to fat finger, etc. Mobile browsing completely sucks right now. Whether it websites that don know how (or don bother) to design with mobile in mind, or websites that do try to design with mobile in mind, and go completely over the top to the point that it ruins UX (Why do we still see websites where you can swipe left to switch articles. "Font Boosting" makes Reddit and several forums I frequent completely unreadable for me. It got the UI Nike Air Presto Zen Grey

Mostly its the fault of us web developers. We started building mobile optimized sites, and that Nike Presto All Black

nailed for this site.

Orange Nike Air Presto

Orange Nike Air Presto

aestra 23 days ago link

Orange Nike Air Presto

Orange Nike Air Presto

´╗┐The mobile web is just a disaster all around

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Orange Nike Air Presto

Orange Nike Air Presto

jmulho 23 days ago link

That why I use Dolphin and spoof my user agent string (often). I usually want the full site. Your mobile site sucks.

messed everything up. Now every mobile "friendly" site has bloated retina graphics and uses very specific and carefully developed layout mechanisms that abandon zooming, fluid layouts and graceful degradation, because, you know, it mobile, so that stuff doesn make sense there.

Orange Nike Air Presto

Orange Nike Air Presto

first experienced browsing with mobile Orange Nike Air Presto devices the stand out feature was zoom. Double tap on a column of text and it would zoom to fill the width of the screen. This (and similar navigation features such as swipe to scroll) made mobile browsing preferable to desktop browsing for me, despite the smaller screen. Fast forward a few years. Almost every website has a mobile version. Three quarters of these mobile sites (it seems) disable the devices native zoom. This makes zero sense. The device with the three inch screen is the one that needs zoom. Well, here is some news. People over thirty can't read your website. The first thing we do when we get to your site is scroll to the bottom for the link that says desktop version.

Orange Nike Air Presto

Orange Nike Air Presto

Orange Nike Air Presto

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