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"Unannounced ship date" is not the same as "order shows as 'complete', payment is taken, but there is no information anywhere as to when you'll get your device, or if it has been shipped or not. Is it lost in the post? Stolen? Who knows."Compare this to Apple, who give you fairly accurate ship dates and tracking numbers once shipped.

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Nike Presto White On Foot

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Actually it shows 'Your order has been sent to Google Commerce Ltd.'Play shows 'Completed'. Which I assume to mean "the order has been successfully placed, you'll get the product". It's already Nike Air Presto Blue

Nike Presto White On Foot

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This is a cheap cop out. Customer service is a known entity. Dell had better support at a much younger age and with a hell of a lot less money.

Nike Presto White On Foot

wallet. That site also has no status, no expected ship date, nothing. The google "contact support" page displays their usual FOAD customer service. You have to click through to yet another page to contact customer support. Of course, they're too incompetent to forward your 37 character order number. So after you compose a message, you realize you have to hit backspace to get the order number. And of course, they clear the message you carefully composed. These people supposedly understand web applications. How the hell does the link from inside google wallet to google customer support not know who I am and my fucking order number?I still haven't gotten through to customer support and I anticipate spending at least 30 minutes on the phone tomorrow. I'll update, but I imagine that there's another ipad in my future. So I went to the Nexus page[1], clicked "Customer support" in the sidebar, clicked "Managing your order", and called the number they show, 1 855 83 NEXUS. He told me he couldn't change the credit card, but could instead issue an order cancellation and I could rebuy the Nexus 7. Not ideal, but I said it was okay (after confirming that they weren't out of stock or anything). He saw that I only Nike Presto White On Foot had one order on my account, cancelled it for me, and we ended the call. And I do agree that Google's customer support sucks. Just gives the non biased people a chance to counter the FUD off the top so a real discussion can take place below.

´╗┐The nexus 7 will be sabotaged

Nike Presto White On Foot

stated that you'll receive an email with a tracking number when it ships. I am relaxed. My original point was that this is not a fuss over an "unannounced ship date". But to excuse the incompetency of a multi billion corporation like Google, which brags about how smart its staff is, is ridiculous. Some things are just so damn basic that not doing them either shows gross negligence or willful stupidity or I just don't know what. Google Nike Air Presto Platinum

Nike Presto White On Foot

Nike Presto White On Foot

And yet it shows as "complete" in wallet's history?

Nike Presto White On Foot

Nike Presto White On Foot

Nike Presto White On Foot

Nike Presto White On Foot

Payment hasn't been taken yet. Payment is taken when it ships, and you'll get your tracking number then too.

It's 11 days later and there's no communication and no status on when it will ship. For status you are instructed to click through to google Nike Presto 2018 On Feet

could have sorted this out well beforehand. There is just no excuse.

Nike Presto White On Foot

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